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YouLend Stories


By Admin in YouLend

Fintech's Top 100 Companies

We are honoured to be listed as one of the 100 most influential fintech companies for 2018. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 29.05.2018

Bombay Stores

Bombay Stores used a YouLend Advance to invest in seasonal stock at the right time. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 01.05.2018

BH Furniture Store

BH Furniture Store were looking for short-term financing to increase their product range and support their cash flow. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 10.04.2018

The Courthouse

The Courthouse leveraged YouLend’s loan facility to dramatically help their growth. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 28.03.2018

The Vicarage Freehouse & Rooms

The Vicarage Freehouse & Rooms used YouLend’s financing as capital expenditure to increase revenue and improve profitability for the long-term. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 13.02.2018

Danilo Hair Boutique

Danilo Hair Boutique were looking for funding to create a space that their customers would fall in love with. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 30.01.2018

Act Salon

Act Salon needed access to short term financing to cover some unexpected costs. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 16.01.2018


Lokkanta needed an injection of working capital to diversify and grow the business. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 05.01.2018

Butter Bakery

Butter Bakery urgently needed help reducing wastage before going into the busy summer period. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 21.11.2017


Zayane Restaurant used an intelligent cash facility to boost their business. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 07.11.2017

Vinyl Cafe West

YouLend helped the Vinyl Café West flourish on Portobello Road. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 15.08.2017


The e-commerce platform PandaCig needed quick and flexible capital to leverage an opportunity to acquire two competitors. This is how YouLend helped. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 09.08.2017


The Amazon® entrepreneur Claus Vilholm did not fit within the banks’ traditional financing model. However, YouLend understands the e-commerce space and was able to provide a suitable flexible financing solution while covering Claus Vilholm's foreign exchange costs. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 02.08.2017

Granny's Outlet

Farmors Outlet (Granny's Outlet) used a flexible financing solution with YouLend to better leverage international supplier contracts, thereby improving both profit margins and meeting the increase in demand. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 13.07.2017

Østerby Hotel

”Sweet and sincere service from YouLend made our seasonal seaside hotel feel wanted and welcome”. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 06.06.2017


Listen to how Vigga’s innovative business model and mission to create eco-healthy maternity- and baby clothes was supported by YouLend’s sustainable financing solutions

By Admin in YouLend 10.05.2017

Star Sko

Danish leading shoe store Star Sko used a flexible financing solution via YouLend to free themselves from high interest payments and ongoing bank fees. This allowed Star Sko to focus on their impressive inventory which includes more than 3,000 pairs of children shoes and more than 4,000 pairs of shoes for adults. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 03.05.2017

LacourLilholm Copenhagen

Fashion shop LacourLilholm Copenhagen wanted a quick and flexible financing solution that could help them develop new and exciting initiatives for their customers, as well as being able to leverage their supplier discounts. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 25.04.2017


As a start-up, GeareXperten required financing for a broad range of needs, including marketing and inventory. As the business was young, bank financing wasn’t an option. However, YouLend’s focus on live sales data, rather than old annual reports, made them a perfect fit. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 18.04.2017


Munin Sports used financing via YouLend as a supplement to their existing bank financing to increase inventory ahead of the peak season. The flexible and responsible loan allowed them to sell even more football rebounders and boost their business. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 04.04.2017


Loow needed financing that could adapt to their seasonality. Traditional financing solutions do not adjust to fluctuations in sales, which can be disconcerting for young companies. With a YouLend Advance, Loow could responsibly build and reinvest without stifling their growth. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 01.03.2017


Bekko needed financing at a stage when the demand for household lamps was at a seasonal low and while they were equally looking to expand their product range of furniture and other home accessories to reduce this seasonality. YouLend was able to provide flexible and responsible financing to solve both these issues.

Nordic design for the home

Bekko is a Danish webshop selling everything from lamps to furniture and other home accessories. In short, Bekko has everything you need for your home in top quality Nordic design and at affordable prices. The webshop has been around for a few years but was acquired by the current owner in 2015 and has since expanded their product range and the number of employees. See more at

Why was YouLend a good match?

"We've used YouLend twice and they've delivered compared to the bank on both price and flexibility. After the first loan, we saw a decline in sales, but by using YouLend's flexible repayments which matches our sales, it meant that we could adapt to the difficult period. While as sales grew YouLend was ready with another loan to help build up our inventory. Everything was fast, easy and cheap. It would have been a completely different story with a traditional bank loan with fixed repayments and accumulating interest rates, we would have come into liquidity problems while our sales slowed down," says Rasmus Bruus Larsen, CEO.

Is YouLend suitable for your business?

If, like Bekko, you are looking for a flexible way to finance your business, YouLend can help. See if you qualify for funding via YouLend in just one minute at You decide what the funding is to be used for and there are no requirements for submission of budgets and annual reports.


By Admin in YouLend 07.02.2017


Homegoal wanted to expand their production of high quality football goals as well as to venture into the German market. YouLend helped them with responsible financing on attractive terms and provided Homegoal with a free EUR account enabling them to sell into the German market. Read more...

By Admin in YouLend 27.01.2017

Barberskabet quickly grew their customer base from 2,000 to 10,000 by increasing their marketing spend and buying new stock, both of which were financed by a YouLend Advance. Read more...

By Daniel Hedelund in Finanswatch 04.01.2017

Fintech company launches alternative to bank loans

The financial technology company Youlend launches a new alternative to bank loans. Youlend provides loans against e-commerce payment transactions and offers flexible repayment. Read more in Danish...

By Carsten Steno in Mester Tidende 22.12.2016

Now you can borrow against your future sales

New lending platform provides financing against future sales. The credit assessment uses card transaction data as a starting point and results in easy and flexible access to financing for a range of companies who might not have been able to obtain financing at similar terms via traditional banks. Read more in Danish...

By Julie Søltoft in Børsen 09.12.2016

Investors put millions into new lending platform for small businesses

The Danish company Youlend provides financing for e-commerce businesses and other business with revenues from card payments. The company has obtained a material equity injection from a range of Danish investors. Read more in Danish...