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Flexible and sustainable business loans

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No hidden fees
Flexible repayments

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Get a merchant cash advance of up to 300% of your monthly revenue

4,500  GBP
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It is 100% free, there are no commitments and you will have a quote in minutes
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Data driven credit assessment ensures rapid execution

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We verify your payment gateway flow and provide you with an offer within 24 hours

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Upload the signed agreement and your merchant cash advance can be transferred to you within 48 hours

Flexible repayments

When times are great you repay slightly more and if business slows down, you simply repay a little less.

Low revenueHigh revenueLower repaymentsHigher repayments100,000 GBP80,000 GBP60,000 GBP40,000 GBP20,000 GBPGBPWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7

Introducing our flexible and sustainable financing that is designed to help your business grow.

The YouLend Advance aligns naturally and seamlessly with your cashflow. You repay a small percentage of each transaction until your merchant cash advance has been repaid. This gives you breathing room to navigate the seasonal ups and downs of running a business.

100% online platform

24 hour access to your YouLend account where you can monitor and renew your YouLend Advance. There is no need for a physical meeting, but you are always more than welcome to contact us.

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YouLend Advance

Get an advance of up to 300% of your monthly revenue.


Improve your cash flow by converting your outstanding invoices into cash.